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The Diploma in Grade R Teaching is a NQF-level 6 qualification consisting of 380/388 credits. Students choosing English First Language (LoLT) are required to complete an extra language model of 8 credits as required by the Department of Higher Edu- cation and training, as stipulated in the Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications. Therefore students taking English First Language (LoLT) will complete a total of 388 credits to attain the Diploma in Grade R Teaching.

Curriculum code: O100P
Programme code: A GR R ODL/Afstand


This qualification is ONLY for under and unqualified Grade R practitioners that are already in a classroom at a school with an EMIS number.

The Department of Education realised the lack of training in the field of Grade R teaching as well as a shortage of Grade R teachers. By offering this programme the university and the Faculty of Education Sciences wants to satisfy the need of the country and deepen the knowledge base of people in the field of early childhood development. Using innovative technologies (for example; interactive white boards, Moodle) the programme is also addressing the universities’ vision of innovative teaching, which provides an opportunity for professional development to a wider spectrum of the community.

As part of the three year Diploma in Grade R teaching, students will be expected to gain experience in applying knowledge and skills in the context of working with Grade R learners in a school.

Apart from students that would like to enter the workplace as teachers, the qualification will provide a vast number of under and unqualified Grade R practitioners with the opportunity to gain access to a higher education qualification.

The qualification are recognised by the Department of Basic Education and utilised to enable practitioners to qualify for the relevant REQV level 13 for salary purposes.

This specialised qualification will provide the successful candidate with an opportunity to articulate into a BEd (Foundation Phase) qualification in order to gain status as a fully qualified Foundation Phase teacher.


National Senior Certificate with Diploma Endorsement or equivalent; or Level 4 certificate/diploma in Early Childhood Development; or

Level 5 certificate/ diploma in Early Childhood Development.


For any teacher training programme to be effective students must get an opportunity to apply their knowledge to a classroom situation. The Diploma in Grade R Teaching also consists of six Work-integrated Learning (WIL) modules. Students will complete one WIL module per semester where each WIL module carries 8 credits. These modules aim to equip students with the necessary pedagogical knowledge that will enable them to integrate and apply the knowledge they encounter in their academic modules with the authentic experience they get during work integrated learning in a school. Each module also includes a portfolio task to provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to apply content knowledge in a practical situation. These modules aim to integrate the two types of practical learning, namely learning from practice and learning in practice. The WIL modules focus on learning from practice by guiding students in the implementation of competence based teaching activities. Students will need to implement these activities during the six week compulsory practicum period per year, and provide proof of applied competence in the form of a work-integrated portfolio.

The school must have an EMIS number (Education Management Information System). You will not be allowed to complete your WIL at your school without the EMIS number.


The minimum study duration for completing the Diploma in Grade R Teaching is 3 years and the maximum study duration is 5 years.


Examinations may be written and assignments may be submitted in either English or Afrikaans. Contact sessions are conducted in English.

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